Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Elmar Home Care

  • Why should I trust Elmar Home Care as opposed to other care providers?

    Our biggest claim to fame is that we’ve been going strong since 1986! During this time, we have grown and matured into a trusted care provider for personal service users, local authority and hospitals.

    Our ethos for expansion is to constantly innovate and introduce new practices, technologies and training. This enables us to expand our geographic reach, also.

  • We currently have offices in Leeds, Keighley and Manchester. This means we can cover most areas in North / West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. We’re hoping to expand to other areas as of 2022. If you’re still not sure, simply give us a call to discuss your geographic location and our reach.

  • THE CQC (Care Quality Commission) is the UK’s official regulatory body for the care industry. It has a strict set of rules and procedures for care providers to follow. We are monitored and assessed regularly to ensure our staff and service users are receiving the best possible service we can provide.

    CQC inclusion is mandatory for care providers.

  • We currently have offices in Leeds, Keighley and Manchester. This means we can cover most areas in North / West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. We’re hoping to expand to other areas as of 2022. If you’re still not sure, simply give us a call to discuss your geographic location and our reach.

2. Working For Elmar Home Care

  • Are Carers able to support with medical devices such as catheters, stomas and PEG tubes?

    Carers can empty and change catheter bags but cannot change an indwelling catheter.

    Please enquire with your local office to find out if assistance with stoma care, PEG tubes or other specialist support is available.

  • Caring for those that need it is extremely satisfying but also challenging. The first port-of-call we would suggest is to just give us a call, or pop into one of our offices to discuss your future.

    It may not be a chosen path for those who are squeamish or for those who dont like cleaning, personal care (bodily care) and administrating medicines.

    The roles and duties are varied, and we are confident we can find a role for you after discussing your personal situation and preferences.

  • Yes, absolutely! NVQS, apprenticeships, on-the-job training and our robust online training platforms allows you to further your career and development. Elmar prides itself to be able to recruit from within, so all opportunities are open to our existing teams to apply. Our ethos is ‘careers, not jobs’ which means we look to recruit those who want to stay and grow with us.

  • Working weekends is a fundamental part of the role of a Carer as our Service Users need support every day. Your local office will be able to share their rates of pay with you.

    You will be paid an enhancement for working on public and bank holidays. If you are called out as an emergency, or to fill in for another Carer, bonuses are available.

  • We offer a 24-hour service which runs 365 days a year. Some of our Service Users require round-the-clock care. However, we can schedule your hours to suit your lifestyle and other commitments.

  • During your time with us, you can opt or be encouraged to attain these modules. They can be studied and passed online (eLearning). For new starters, our aim is to get your care certificate completed within the first 3 months. This is followed by ongoing refresher training.

    1. Safeguarding and Protection of Adults

    2. Duty of Care

    3. Falls Prevention

    4. Dementia Awareness

    5. PPE (personal protective equipment)

    6. Basic Life Support

    7. Dignity and Respect

    8. Medication Administration Awareness

    9. Food Safety Level 1

    10. First Aid

    11. Safeguarding Children

    12. Oral Health

    13. Clinical Governance

    14. Moving and Handling People (practical element included)

    15. Diabetes Awareness

    16. Infection Prevention

    17. Medication in Community Care

    18. Cleaning

    19. Mental Health

    20. Learning Disabilities

    21. Sepsis Awareness

    22. Topical Medication

    23. Professional Boundaries

    24. Patient Consent

    25. End of Life

    26. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

    27. Record Keeping

    28. Equality and Diversity

    29. Person-centred Care

    30. Health and Safety

    31. Communication

    32. Foot Care

    33. Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment

    34. Types and Causes of Urinary Inconsistency

  • Regularly! We constantly assess and monitor how you are doing so we can ensure our Service Users receive the best possible care they deserve. The care industry is closely regulated so we are bound by legislation to keep our standards high.

    Assessment also enables you to progress within our company.

  • DBS checks are compulsory for those in care. We pay for your DBS certificate, and then reimburse this in increments once you start working. A full DBS check and certificate currently costs £69.00.

    Alternatively, you can opt to pay upfront.

  • All we ask is that you are enthusiastic, organised, punctual and have a passion for caring and looking after people. Experience isn’t necessary because we offer all your credentials and training you might need to start in the industry.

  • The Care Certificate is something that all care workers have to complete before being allowed to work professionally. We can provide all of your training for this and support you through the process of attaining your Care Certificate.

3. Caring For Your Loved One

  • What’s the minimum level of care Elmar provides?

    Question 1 Answer

  • Question 3 Answer

  • Hospitals and social workers will often not allow a patient to return home unless a care package is in place. This is to ensure safety and medical responsibility for all parties. We regularly deal with these situations to make it as easy as possible for you. We work with many local authorities in England.

    In these circumstances, we can arrange a care package quickly, often for the next day, if we have a Carer available.

    We can even visit your loved one in the hospital to arrange their care package in accordance with their needs and preferences, and we will liaise with the hospital social workers to arrange discharge in a timely and safe manner.

  • To request a direct payment, you will need to contact your local social services department who will arrange a community care assessment and check your eligibility.

    Once you have been assessed, there is no time limit for you to decide whether to have a direct payment or not. If you do decide you would like a direct payment, your social worker will refer you to a direct payment support service.

    If you already receive care with Elmar Home Care and you think you may be eligible for a direct payment, you can just let us know and we can assist you with the process.

  • You can cancel at any time. Our care packages are not contract based, this would simply not work in most cases. You can change, review or cancel your care package at any time.

  • Home care consists of help and tasks for general day-to-day living. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Personal care

    2. Companionship

    3. Housework

    4. Cooking / preparation of meals

    5. Cleaning

    6. Shopping

    7. Ironing

    8. Medication

    9. Nocturnal care

4. Other FAQs